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LFT 37 (HQ, we control all 3 stations here), Nemet, Qarato, Segovit, Andhrimi, Isis, Nabatean, Aparctias, BMP 45047, Kappa Phoenicis, LTT 9795, Tavgi, Theta Sculptoris, Sugrivik

LFT 37 Roentgen Hub Onnes Gateway Savinykh Hub
Nemet Hirase Horizons
Qarato Drexler Dock (Outpost)
Segovit Paulling Settlement (Outpost) Parise Colony (Outpost) Hiraga Relay (Port)
Andhrimi Yurchikhin Station Fullerton Port (Outpost)
Isis Schwarzschild Stadium Heaviside Arsenal (Port)
Nabatean Vishweswarayya Orbital Ellis Gateway (Outpost) Noriega City (Outpost) Trevithick Beacon (Port) George Beacon (Port)
Kappa Phoenicis Filipchenko Hub Low Gateway (Outpost) Gresley Landing (Outpost)
BPM 45047 Gagnan Orbital Thompson City (Outpost) Fraley Orbital (Outpost) Marshall Beacon (Port) Wells Beacon (Port) Phillpotts Palace (Port)
LTT 9795 Mayr Terminal (Outpost) Resnik Observator (Port) Herjulfsson Hub (Port)
Tavgi Gordon Enterprise Zewail Vision (Outpost)
Sugrivik Goddard Gateway Delbruck Dock Grechko Ring Hernandez Observatory (Port)

Want to help increase our influence? Find out how here!
4/16/2016 .: "Operation SRV A B C" - Fellow pilots, as we approach 300 members, we thought we would celebrate by throwing our SRVs off of a 8km high mountain!. - READ MORE
3/18/2016 .: "Operation Painite Strikes Back!!!" - Fellow pilots, do you enjoy bounty hunting, privateering or even mining? Well, what about doing all three at the same time (again!!)? We are running a 3 day operation in the Bhotho system, planet Bhotho AB 3, Haz Res site, starting today 18th March. - READ MORE
2/25/2016 .: "Operation Mining Mayhem!!!" - Fellow pilots, do you enjoy bounty hunting, privateering or even mining? Well, what about doing all three at the same time? We are running a 3 day operation in the Delkar system, planet number 7, Haz Res site, starting today 25th February. - READ MORE
2/22/2016 .: "February Chancellor election" - Do your duty: VOTE HERE
2/10/2016 .: "Paladin Consortium's first ever hosted Community Goal in LFT 37!" - READ MORE
1/28/2016 .: "Paladin Locker is live!" - The initial "test version" of your personalized Paladin Locker is available for you now - Visit your Locker
1/23/2016 .: To show my "Thanks" - for all the hard work everyone has put in to this civil war, I will create customized designs with your commander name and load into our storefront so that you can apply that to any item available. Just complete the quick - Custom Design Request
1/23/2016 .: Message from Big Pappa - Promotions/current election/civil war - READ MORE
1/19/2016 .: The Consortium Journal Vol. 1 Released - Every member was sent the newsletter via their registered email here, make sure to check your junk mail if you did not receive it. Here is a direct link in case you missed it... Read More

Paladin Consortium Roles and Subject Matter Experts

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To help facilitate the organization of new and ongoing activities, each "in game" area of expertise, has a nominated Subject Matter Expert(s). These individuals are able to provide advice and support to fellow players in their particular area of expertise.

Paladin members who have nominated themselves for a Role or SME position are encouraged to participate within all of the areas of interest to help foster collaboration as well as provide opportunities to build comradery. To aid in facilitating the cohesion and participation of the overall member base, each member is assigned to 1 of the 3 defined "wing-zones." These wing-zones consist of members that are in relatively similar time zones.

Regardless of any Role or SME a member has decided to nominate themselves for, they ALWAYS have the freedom to engage in any and all other activities inside, or outside, the group.

*All members interested in any open positions simply inform someone from leadership


The Paladin Consortium Leadership team, comprised of 2 Executives, a Wing Commander and Deputy Wing Commander.

Event Coordinators
Coordinates events for PC internally and externally (ie other player groups).

Creates, liaises and maintains effective relationships with other player groups.

Creates inspiring visual assets for use by our player group.

Forum Transformation Specialists
Work with the leadership team in redesigning our current forum into a more pilot centric experience.

PvP flight Coordinators
Flight Coordinators would "form up" our PvP pilots, as the need arises, into wings and ensure they are utilised to maximum efficiency.

Background Simulator
Is an expert with understanding the inner workings of the Background Simulator. Is able to provide guidance on faction influence etc.

Understands the current PVP meta (including ship builds/tactics) and is able to provide suitable guidance/coaching to fellow PC pilots.

Is an expert in battling NPC opponents. Is able to recommend ship builds, combat techniques and suitable NPC combat locations.

Understands the difference between a good and a great trade route (legal or otherwise). Is able to impart this knowledge to fellow PC pilots.

Is a seasoned veteran who knows their KGBFOAM, can advise on explorational ship builds and understands planet whispering.

Willing to provide advice on how to procure funds for the consortium by way of "noble" piracy. Includes helping with ships builds.

Is a seasoned miner who knows their minerals and metals. Is able to locate pristine asteroid fields without missing a beat. Would be expected to advise fellow pilots on the therapeutic benefits of mining.

Elite Loremaster & Research Analyst
Is an expert in all things related to the Elite universe's rich history, lore and research.

Understands how to get the most out of the games Powerplay feature. Includes imparting knowledge on Undermining, Fortification and faction bonuses.

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