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LFT 37 (HQ, we control all 3 stations here), Nemet, Qarato, Segovit, Andhrimi, Isis, Nabatean, Aparctias, BMP 45047, Kappa Phoenicis, LTT 9795, Tavgi, Theta Sculptoris, Sugrivik

LFT 37 Roentgen Hub Onnes Gateway Savinykh Hub
Nemet Hirase Horizons
Qarato Drexler Dock (Outpost)
Segovit Paulling Settlement (Outpost) Parise Colony (Outpost) Hiraga Relay (Port)
Andhrimi Yurchikhin Station Fullerton Port (Outpost)
Isis Schwarzschild Stadium Heaviside Arsenal (Port)
Nabatean Vishweswarayya Orbital Ellis Gateway (Outpost) Noriega City (Outpost) Trevithick Beacon (Port) George Beacon (Port)
Kappa Phoenicis Filipchenko Hub Low Gateway (Outpost) Gresley Landing (Outpost)
BPM 45047 Gagnan Orbital Thompson City (Outpost) Fraley Orbital (Outpost) Marshall Beacon (Port) Wells Beacon (Port) Phillpotts Palace (Port)
LTT 9795 Mayr Terminal (Outpost) Resnik Observator (Port) Herjulfsson Hub (Port)
Tavgi Gordon Enterprise Zewail Vision (Outpost)
Sugrivik Goddard Gateway Delbruck Dock Grechko Ring Hernandez Observatory (Port)

Want to help increase our influence? Find out how here!
4/16/2016 .: "Operation SRV A B C" - Fellow pilots, as we approach 300 members, we thought we would celebrate by throwing our SRVs off of a 8km high mountain!. - READ MORE
3/18/2016 .: "Operation Painite Strikes Back!!!" - Fellow pilots, do you enjoy bounty hunting, privateering or even mining? Well, what about doing all three at the same time (again!!)? We are running a 3 day operation in the Bhotho system, planet Bhotho AB 3, Haz Res site, starting today 18th March. - READ MORE
2/25/2016 .: "Operation Mining Mayhem!!!" - Fellow pilots, do you enjoy bounty hunting, privateering or even mining? Well, what about doing all three at the same time? We are running a 3 day operation in the Delkar system, planet number 7, Haz Res site, starting today 25th February. - READ MORE
2/22/2016 .: "February Chancellor election" - Do your duty: VOTE HERE
2/10/2016 .: "Paladin Consortium's first ever hosted Community Goal in LFT 37!" - READ MORE
1/28/2016 .: "Paladin Locker is live!" - The initial "test version" of your personalized Paladin Locker is available for you now - Visit your Locker
1/23/2016 .: To show my "Thanks" - for all the hard work everyone has put in to this civil war, I will create customized designs with your commander name and load into our storefront so that you can apply that to any item available. Just complete the quick - Custom Design Request
1/23/2016 .: Message from Big Pappa - Promotions/current election/civil war - READ MORE
1/19/2016 .: The Consortium Journal Vol. 1 Released - Every member was sent the newsletter via their registered email here, make sure to check your junk mail if you did not receive it. Here is a direct link in case you missed it... Read More

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Welcome to Paladin Consortium

"Pilot Autonomy... Unified as One"

Who are we?

“An association of independent Mil-spec soldiers united by the will to enforce law and order in the galaxy, searching for a way to improve well-being and cooperation in the galaxy by enforcing law and promoting trade, exploration and mining...”

Simply put, we are a group of sovereign pilots that believe in experiencing every aspect of what ED has to offer... and when required, come together to accomplish specific goals/objectives as a collective unit.

What do we do?

Paladin Consortium is comprised of 5 distinct institutions that operate collectively to ensure the continued prosperity of their members and to further the advancement of Paladin objectives and ideology.

  • Military - defend our interests and provide safe passage upon request as a peacekeeping force
  • Trade/Industry - promote the development and meaningful participation in the economic and trade environments
  • Research/Exploration - direct the innovation/improvement of processes and discover/document activities in neighboring and distant systems
  • Privateering - ensure proper financial compensation is procured for goods and services rendered
  • Spec-Ops - in conjunction with Military, conducts high-risk intel/combat missions and operations

We encourage every member to do the things they enjoy... be open to learning new skills and trades while also sharing their knowledge with other members of the group.

We foster active participation here on Inara, as well as in-game to promote camaraderie with our members.

Everyone here has a voice... If an idea makes sense we implement...

We are not a security force... nor are we griefers... but rest assured that every member here is combat capable and has the experience and skillset to not only defend ourselves, but also our allies and anyone else that asks for our help. We consider ourselves a "Peacekeeping" force offering our services to our allies and good people in need of assistance.

Whether our members are on PC/MAC or XB1, we all work together to support each other, our minor faction, as well as our allies.

How do I join?

In order to ensure cohesiveness and a certain level of participation and involvement within the group, we must be selective in the application approval process.

  • If you have ever flown in-game with an existing member...
  • If you have received an invite to join the group by an existing member...
  • If you're simply tired of hearing about, or witnessing, all the injustice and bullying that is now so rampant in ED and want to fly with folks that aren't afraid to help anyone who asks for it...
If you answer yes to any of the below, you have a home with us!

To complete the application process, follow the link below and then request to join our group.

Apply Now!

Player group Alliances

Are you in a group that is "like-minded"? Let's work together...

We are always looking to ally ourselves to other player groups. Whether it's working together to share intelligence, assist with minor faction influence, or simply plan fun events between groups, alliances allow both member bases to meet new commanders and allow both groups to have a further reach to positively affect the galaxy.

Current Allies:
  • E.X.O
  • Dark Echo
  • Winters Wolves
  • 6th Interstellar Corps
  • Imperial Inquisition
  • RECON (Reliable Escort Combat Navigators)
  • PixelBandts Security Force
  • Nova-Fleet

Join in alliance with Paladin Consortium

We look forward to serving with you!

-CMDR Big Pappa
Paladin Consortium Wing Commander

"It's perfectly acceptable gameplay in ED for folks to interdict you for no reason at all and blow you up... and it's also perfectly acceptable for those same folks to feel the wrath of everyone they've ever bullied that are now standing unified as one..."

Paladin: "A person who actively supports or favors a cause..."

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