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LFT 37 (HQ, we control all 3 stations here), Nemet, Qarato, Segovit, Andhrimi, Isis, Nabatean, Aparctias, BMP 45047, Kappa Phoenicis, LTT 9795, Tavgi, Theta Sculptoris, Sugrivik

LFT 37 Roentgen Hub Onnes Gateway Savinykh Hub
Nemet Hirase Horizons
Qarato Drexler Dock (Outpost)
Segovit Paulling Settlement (Outpost) Parise Colony (Outpost) Hiraga Relay (Port)
Andhrimi Yurchikhin Station Fullerton Port (Outpost)
Isis Schwarzschild Stadium Heaviside Arsenal (Port)
Nabatean Vishweswarayya Orbital Ellis Gateway (Outpost) Noriega City (Outpost) Trevithick Beacon (Port) George Beacon (Port)
Kappa Phoenicis Filipchenko Hub Low Gateway (Outpost) Gresley Landing (Outpost)
BPM 45047 Gagnan Orbital Thompson City (Outpost) Fraley Orbital (Outpost) Marshall Beacon (Port) Wells Beacon (Port) Phillpotts Palace (Port)
LTT 9795 Mayr Terminal (Outpost) Resnik Observator (Port) Herjulfsson Hub (Port)
Tavgi Gordon Enterprise Zewail Vision (Outpost)
Sugrivik Goddard Gateway Delbruck Dock Grechko Ring Hernandez Observatory (Port)

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4/16/2016 .: "Operation SRV A B C" - Fellow pilots, as we approach 300 members, we thought we would celebrate by throwing our SRVs off of a 8km high mountain!. - READ MORE
3/18/2016 .: "Operation Painite Strikes Back!!!" - Fellow pilots, do you enjoy bounty hunting, privateering or even mining? Well, what about doing all three at the same time (again!!)? We are running a 3 day operation in the Bhotho system, planet Bhotho AB 3, Haz Res site, starting today 18th March. - READ MORE
2/25/2016 .: "Operation Mining Mayhem!!!" - Fellow pilots, do you enjoy bounty hunting, privateering or even mining? Well, what about doing all three at the same time? We are running a 3 day operation in the Delkar system, planet number 7, Haz Res site, starting today 25th February. - READ MORE
2/22/2016 .: "February Chancellor election" - Do your duty: VOTE HERE
2/10/2016 .: "Paladin Consortium's first ever hosted Community Goal in LFT 37!" - READ MORE
1/28/2016 .: "Paladin Locker is live!" - The initial "test version" of your personalized Paladin Locker is available for you now - Visit your Locker
1/23/2016 .: To show my "Thanks" - for all the hard work everyone has put in to this civil war, I will create customized designs with your commander name and load into our storefront so that you can apply that to any item available. Just complete the quick - Custom Design Request
1/23/2016 .: Message from Big Pappa - Promotions/current election/civil war - READ MORE
1/19/2016 .: The Consortium Journal Vol. 1 Released - Every member was sent the newsletter via their registered email here, make sure to check your junk mail if you did not receive it. Here is a direct link in case you missed it... Read More

Vol. 1 - 1/18/2016

In this Issue:


"Paladins we have finally made it..."

For the first time in the entire history of our faction, we have earned our own base by hard work. The Padalka Prospect. I thank you all for your contribution and I know that the road toward getting our new home has been hard and frustrating. Padalka Prospect is but the first step on the road to greatness that we will walk together.

Right now my administration is setting up our headquarters in the Padalka Prospect surface base, and this is where the council will reside until such a time when we get a station. We would much prefer a station in orbit since it is more easily accessible for our pilots. I must warn you that since the Paladin council is using Padalka Prospect as the base of operations, the turrets there have been set to attack any intruder. At this point we do not have the manpower to scan ships and provide code clearance for our own pilots. Therefore you will not be able to land at Padalka Prospect. This is a security measure to prevent terrorists getting near our Paladin Council. As soon as we acquire a station we will move the Council HQ.

Things are changing rapidly these days and therefore you will be able to find the latest update on the strategy for gaining control in LFT 37. This will be updated daily if need be. You can always find the latest update as a pinned post in “The Chancellor’s Office” at the bottom of our forum. I urge you all to spend whatever time you can spare to work for our faction. Every contribution counts. Thanks to you we now have a HQ of operations in our own base.

The next Chancellor Election is coming up next week and I sincerely hope, that you will give me the chance to finish what we have started. The strategy we have applied is working and for the first time we have gained control of a base. The method of my administration is therefore proven to work, and if you allow me to lead you another turn, I feel confident that we will acquire much more by sticking to this strategy that has been proven effective. So please remember to vote – between 23rd and 26th. Our future is at stake

-Chancellor Charles Thomas


"I could not be more proud of my commanders..."

When I started Paladin Consortium, the foundation upon which I wanted the group to be built consisted of a very simply ideal;

"A modest, but capable, group of independent commanders enjoying every aspect of what this game has to offer. However, when "duty calls", we would drop everything to go dispense justice wherever it was required."

Without a doubt I think it's pretty safe to say that my members have far surpassed my original expectations for this group and I could not be more pleased. On several occasions in the recent months, we have shown a strong hand of support, not only for our own members, but to our allies and others in the ED community. Whether it's supporting traders at Community Goals or simply answering the distress call from our allies.. Paladins have delivered every time.

Our recent victory in the civil war in LFT 37 against the "LFT 37 Blue Natural Corp" is yet but another testament to the integrity and fortitude with which our members demonstrate every single day. In my honest opinion, I believe the war was essentially over within the first few hours of our commanders fighting in the conflict zones.

I must also thank Chancellor Thomas for the great leadership he has shown since being voted into office. Because of his focused agenda and clear direction, it made the task of rallying the troops much easier for myself and my leadership team.

Regarding my leadership team... Simply put; this group would not be "what it is today" without you... Being the wing commander for Paladin Consortium is the most rewarding job I have had... nothing comes easy and the overall success of this group would not be possible without all of the time, effort, and energy you all give me every day to help spread the Paladin ideology throughout the galaxy.

Our members are the sole reason our group is so unique... your willingness to share your knowledge with one another... and by showing the respect and professionalism that you do to each other, leadership, and others in the community sends a clear message to everyone that members of Paladin Consortium are commanders with integrity. When someone comes across a Paladin, they can breathe a sigh of relief that everything will be ok... and that's why I could not be more proud of each and every one of you.

Keep up the great work and fly safe!

-Big Pappa


"Paladin Consortium – All Your Galaxy Belongs to Us!"

The year is 3302 and, to begin the new year, about a dozen brave commanders from Paladin Consortium set out for a 130,000 light year exploration of the known and unknown galaxy. Codenamed “Distant Worlds,” a fleet of over 800 ships launched into the abyss on 15th January headed to “Beagle Point.”

The fleet is tasked with exploring as many planets as possible for raw materials to create a sort of “Fueling Highway” to the distant Beagle Point some 65,000 light years from the bubble we call home. Flying with the renowned Emirus (known as Kamzel in game), the Paladin Consortium is showing its superior abilities as a capable and proven faction within bubble and beyond!

For more information on Distant Worlds and where the main fleet will traverse, head over to: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=198085

"Barnacle fever!"

This last days the whole galaxy has been assaulted by theories and crazy ideas, this has been fueled by the discovery in the pleiades nebula of Alien structures resembling huge hexagonal barnacles (hence the name) surrounded by tall spires of alien looking material. The structures seems to appear near crashed sites, and the spires have cocoon of minerals, so there exists the assumption that the structure is some kind of mining entity.

When these cocoons mature they become Meta –Alloys, which are very sought for commodities, as of now, the barnacles are the only known source of meta alloys.

Right now a large group of researchers are looking barnacles ll over the galaxy, there have been found more or less 12 sites where this entity can be found, but we are sure there are a lot more out there.

The barnacles seems deeply connected to the UA, they emit the same kind of sounds, and have similar features, like glow and neutron dust, but in differences to UA, the barnacles do not degrade ships, in fact, metal alloys from barnacles have been used to restore functions to Obsidian orbital, ending the technical problems they had.


This month saw a number of planned, and a few unplanned, opportunities to get involved with fellow pilots from other groups.


Join Dark Echo protect a convoy against Code We successfully provided support to our allies, Dark Echo and managed to score 4 confirmed kills on this sortie. Notorious pilot Gluttony Fang was also engaged, but he withdrew when faced with our stealth ships.

Buckyball Run 9: Rolling into Obsidian Orbital, 2-9 January, 3302 The legendary racer invited us to participate in this event, in which the goal was to race from the bubble to the Maia system. A number of our pilots took part in the event and i would recommend anyone who is interested in something a little different, to get involved in the next one. Heat Sinks and a Fuelscoop are a MUST!

The Great Paladin Expedition Has started and a number of our pilots have set of into the black with players from all around the community. Good luck to them and may they all fly safe.

Support Hutton Truckers The Truckers asked for our help with their system expansion this month and we provided fire support against NPCs - even managing to help rout a capital ship with Vipers! Staying with the Truckers, we also provided assistance when they were attacked over a 3 day period by Federation player pilots and Code members. Great work from all the pilots involved, particularly when it was at short notice. Our allies thank us for our help and this strengthens our bonds with them.

Community Goal trader protection with the Independent Pilot Consortium (IPC) The IPC contacted us to provide fire support at the current community goal - protecting rares traders. Several running battles were fought, with kills on both sides. Going forward, helping our allies protect players at CGs is a strategic goal of our group and should become easier as we grow and gain experience


The only two requirements we have for all members is to communicate frequently with each other and have fun...

Hopefully the latter is commonplace... Communication is so vital to the overall cohesion of the member base. Just like in real-life whether it's family, friends, or even business... effective communication is the cornerstone to avoiding any perception issues that can potentially crop up over time.

"So what 'comm tools' does Paladin Consortium use on a regular basis?"

** Discord **
This is by far our most popular "real-time" in, and out of, game text-only based communication tool. You can find several commanders discussing various topics nearly 24/7. Got a question? Pop on Discord... If there is only one thing you ever do on a regular basis being a 'Paladin', being online in the Discord channel should be it... Here is the main invite link below to the Paladin Discord channel:


** Member Website **
All members can, and are encourage to, post just about any topic they would like to bring up on our website forums. Make sure you regularly visit the website so that you can stay up to date with any important information like our minor faction's current status, events, and other important announcements.

** Teamspeak **
Teamspeak is absolutley critical when you are "in-game" and winging up with other members. There is also an Overwolf plug-in that allows an overlay while you're playing the game so that you can see who is currently in your TS channel as well as who is currently speaking. Here is our TS info:

Server: 5tharmada.guildvent.net:8395
Channel: Paladin Consortium
Password: elitepc

** Twitter **
Make sure you follow Paladin Consortium's Twitter page to get real-time updates on Consortium related activities/information.



Would you be interested in publishing an article in monthly Consortium Journal Newsletter?

Whether your ideas are related to topics inside the game or more group focused, we would like to hear what you have to say and so would other members.

Simply post your story and any references to images at the link below and someone will contact you for more information and work with you to get your story published.

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