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LFT 37 (HQ, we control all 3 stations here), Nemet, Qarato, Segovit, Andhrimi, Isis, Nabatean, Aparctias, BMP 45047, Kappa Phoenicis, LTT 9795, Tavgi, Theta Sculptoris, Sugrivik

LFT 37 Roentgen Hub Onnes Gateway Savinykh Hub
Nemet Hirase Horizons
Qarato Drexler Dock (Outpost)
Segovit Paulling Settlement (Outpost) Parise Colony (Outpost) Hiraga Relay (Port)
Andhrimi Yurchikhin Station Fullerton Port (Outpost)
Isis Schwarzschild Stadium Heaviside Arsenal (Port)
Nabatean Vishweswarayya Orbital Ellis Gateway (Outpost) Noriega City (Outpost) Trevithick Beacon (Port) George Beacon (Port)
Kappa Phoenicis Filipchenko Hub Low Gateway (Outpost) Gresley Landing (Outpost)
BPM 45047 Gagnan Orbital Thompson City (Outpost) Fraley Orbital (Outpost) Marshall Beacon (Port) Wells Beacon (Port) Phillpotts Palace (Port)
LTT 9795 Mayr Terminal (Outpost) Resnik Observator (Port) Herjulfsson Hub (Port)
Tavgi Gordon Enterprise Zewail Vision (Outpost)
Sugrivik Goddard Gateway Delbruck Dock Grechko Ring Hernandez Observatory (Port)

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1/19/2016 .: The Consortium Journal Vol. 1 Released - Every member was sent the newsletter via their registered email here, make sure to check your junk mail if you did not receive it. Here is a direct link in case you missed it... Read More

Vol. 2 - 5/1/2016

In this Issue:


"A new level of confidence and power"

The last few weeks have been tumultous. In a titanic effort the Paladin Consortium and its allies have worked tirelessly to provide freed slaves and their families with water purifiers. The result, millions of souls saved and the grateful populace of LFT 37 huddled under the protective wing of the Paladin Consortium. LFT 37 was ours. The victory celebration was cut short by betrayal and mutiny. The Consortium nearly broke due to the treasonous acts of once trusted CMDRs. Leadership was shattered. The Consortium crumbled. Some left.

But faith was not lost that day. Even though what we had built had been blown away like a house of cards, the indestructible foundation it rested on was still there. Its loyal members. The few, the proud. Their unerring dedication breathed life back into the spirits of its disheartened leaders. A new hope. And soon they returned to the ruins and started to rebuild. During that period Chancellor Thomas died in what was later revealed to have been a plot by Chancellor Cooper who succeeded him. He was found out and impeached. It was decided that the next Chancellor should come from among the ranks of the Paladin Consortium CMDRs themselves. An election was held. Two men entered, one chancellor (and a vice-chancellor) left. A man with a vision and the drive to do what was necessary. To shape the future. He set the tracks. New leaders where chosen. A division of fleets that spawned unity. Organization that lead to more efficiency. Focus on recruitment. The rebirth of the Paladin Consortium core values. The reformation has begun.

He saw everything we had made and behold it was very good. The Paladin Consortium is on a new level of confidence and power.

-Chancellor Slash b Slash


State of the Wing

Greetings my fellow Paladins,

By the time you read this, we will have grown to include over 350 members in the Consortium... That's 350 commanders that believe in the same foundational principle of "Pilot Autonomy - Unified as One."

Simply put...

"We are a community of commanders that encourage every aspect of what this game has to offer, and when the need arises, come together to accomplish specific goals and objectives."

And over the past several weeks we have seen quite a few "specific goals and objectives" reveal themselves and I'm more than proud to say that you all rose to the occasion at every turn. Now before I get into the " What's next for the Consortium... ", I would like to take just a moment and recap some of our recent highlights because I feel it's very important to not only celebrate all of the victories of course, but also examine the outcomes of what we do as a group so that we are always able to look for areas of improvement with everything we do.

GalCop and friends

For a couple months now, we have been allied to several other player groups including the Diamond Frogs, EXO, Dark Echo, East India Company, Pixel Bandits Security Force, and Davinci to name a few. We have worked with them with respect to training, helping each other with our minor factions, and offering mutual military support. Now with the introduction of the Dangerous Games, this alliance known as GalCop (Galactic Cooperative) has the chance to become the first player group power in the game. This is a very exciting time for us and we are very happy to call the GalCop members our friends. The games are set to begin towards the end of June so more details will be coming surrounding that very soon.

We also have unofficial alliances with some other well known groups including the Hutton Truckers and Adle's Armada. We engage with them in various community events, supporting minor factions, training, and just general "fun." Just a couple weeks ago we competed in "Hogan's Run", the SRV planetside race hosted by the Truckers was not only a blast, but also proved that Paladin's are pretty good at driving SRV's by coming in 5th place out of about 20 other groups... Oh yeah, and the excitement of taking on SDC at the finish line for the usual "ganking style" fun. Most recently lending a helping hand to the Truckers during their election to determine just who is the most effective master debater in George Pantazis. We proved there that we are a mighty force to be reckoned with as we effectively reduced the opposition's influence to 0%!

So where to we go from here?

Through all of the excitement... there has been a constant 'tap tap tap' on my shoulder... a calling that, up until recently, I have been be able to drown out with the sound of all the self-focused desires of making the Consortium great for its members and allies. However, the other day I finally made the decision to actually listen. I went back to my executive suite in Onnes Gateway overlooking the keyhole and found a tiny little "post it" note covered in dust and barely still hanging on the wall. It was my original mission statement. Here's what it read.

"Paladin Consortium will be created to bring together pilots who want to offer help to those who need it. To stand up and help the little guy..."

Nice little wake up call for every one of us...

Now I challenge each one of you to seriously reflect on your experiences since joining the Consortium... and ask yourself "What have I done to help others...selflessly" whether it's other members, allies, random commanders you come across in your travels... Do you take time for others and offer them guidance, assistance, comradery?

Well I believe the time has come to make sure we focus on that goal... to focus on supporting the one simple original ideal for creating this group. We are not a safe haven for pilots, we are group of like-minded commanders that now need to focus "on others" and not ourselves.

The Paladin Consortium is expanding...

Not a BGS type expansion, but our own expansion into another area of the galaxy. We intend to move a massive fleet into the area around the starter systems, where every new player flies out of the station in their free Sidewinder and tries to make their first 10,000 credits. Our role will be to assist these players in any way we can, offering them advice; teaching winging; teaching high wake escaping; winging in res sites to increase their earnings; when need be, standing between them and those that would club the seal pups to show them that 'Open Play' doesn't have to be thought of in such a negative light like it is today. This is what the Paladin Consortium was created for, and it is time to properly embrace that role.

We don't issue orders in the Consortium. No one is required to join this venture. LFT 37 remains, and will always be, the Paladin "home" system, and many will no doubt remain here enjoying the background simulation, the slave trading, and racing SRVs down Pappa's Crack.

Those that do come will be in a much busier part of the galaxy. On Eravate's doorstep. Our location will be flexible, but we propose Wohler Station in Kremainn as a central hub for our new "expansion home."

More details on this to come soon... however I fully believe that this expansion will define the next chapter in the existence of one of the most noble and self-less groups in the Elite Community... and you will all help to guide the hand of the scribe that will be documenting our journey together into the dark unknown... and as long as there are Paladins around, there will always be light to guide the way for every commander in the galaxy...

For the Consortium!

-Big Pappa


The only two requirements we have for all members is to communicate frequently with each other and have fun...

Hopefully the latter is commonplace... Communication is so vital to the overall cohesion of the member base. Just like in real-life whether it's family, friends, or even business... effective communication is the cornerstone to avoiding any perception issues that can potentially crop up over time.

"So what 'comm tools' does Paladin Consortium use on a regular basis?"

** Discord **
This is by far our most popular "real-time" in, and out of, game text-only based communication tool. You can find several commanders discussing various topics nearly 24/7. Got a question? Pop on Discord... If there is only one thing you ever do on a regular basis being a 'Paladin', being online in the Discord channel should be it... Here is the main invite link below to the Paladin Discord channel:


** Member Website **
All members can, and are encourage to, post just about any topic they would like to bring up on our website forums. Make sure you regularly visit the website so that you can stay up to date with any important information like our minor faction's current status, events, and other important announcements.

** Teamspeak **
Teamspeak is absolutley critical when you are "in-game" and winging up with other members. There is also an Overwolf plug-in that allows an overlay while you're playing the game so that you can see who is currently in your TS channel as well as who is currently speaking. Here is our TS info:

Server: 5tharmada.guildvent.net:8395
Channel: Paladin Consortium
Password: elitepc

** Twitter **
Make sure you follow Paladin Consortium's Twitter page to get real-time updates on Consortium related activities/information.



Would you be interested in publishing an article in monthly Consortium Journal Newsletter?

Whether your ideas are related to topics inside the game or more group focused, we would like to hear what you have to say and so would other members.

Simply post your story and any references to images at the link below and someone will contact you for more information and work with you to get your story published.

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