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Operation SRV A B C
Topic Started: Apr 12 2016, 05:18 PM (836 Views)
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Operation SRV A B C

Fellow pilots, as we approach 300 members, we thought we would celebrate by throwing our SRVs off of a 8km high mountain! We also plan on doing a few other random things, including:

- Seeing who can cross the "chasm of doom" in an SRV successfully - both Big Pappa and ColD_ZA have managed this feat in training
This will be held on the actual mountain. The gap is around .5km, so dont let the image fool you, its massive!
Posted Image

- SRV Wacky Racers
Image of the route

Posted Image

Video flyby of the route


- Save the Slaves Freefall (AKA "Its raining men" and women)

How many slaves can you save from becoming a newly formed crater in (insert Planet Name)

Contestants will start at 15km up along with the Slavemaster (Big Pappa), at 10 km the slavers vessel’s cargo hatch malfunctions upon descending to the planet surface.
It is at this point up to you to save the slaves from a most terrible fate, can you scoop them all in under 2 minutes? Will you be their saviour? or Sorrow!

Technical details:
Race Marshal:
Big Pappa starts at an altitude of 15km at which he travels downward at 83m/s
At 10km he jettisons the slaves, while doing a moderate barrel roll to disperse the slaves evenly.

Start at 15km along with Big Pappa, no more than 500m away from him (check contacts screen) targeting Big Pappa
Once Big Pappa reaches 5km from them (be sure to fit strong enough sensors) they may then proceed to save the slave by scooping them (No Limpets!!)
There is no time limit.... the only time limit is the ground and your sense of self preservation... Will you risk your ship to scoop that last slave?

The event will be held at home in LFT 37 on the 16th April (starting around 8-9PM BST and continuing as long as folks are around). We will also be filming the event to use as part of a promotional video about our group, so come dressed to impress.

Posted Image


Where is the event being held?
Moon 6A in LFT 37 - so its at home, so to speak.

Do you have the co-ordinates of the mountain range??
Lat -2.65
Lon 1.10
Gravity is a reasonable 0.8 earths

Do you have the co-ordinates of the race track??
Lat -13.2
Lon 43.48

How many SRVs should i bring?
As many as you can! 4+ is a good idea.

What ship should i bring?
Whatever takes your fancy.

What is in it for me?
A chance to hang out with fellow Paladins and players from other groups! Also you may feature in the video we are shooting.

Sounds good, is there anything else i need to know?
Give everyone a shout on Discord on when you are planning on leaving for the moon, so you are able to form up wings with fellow Paladins. You are encouraged to take pictures of the event. We also plan on using Team Speak, details below:

Teamspeak Info

Server: 5tharmada.guildvent.net:8395
Channel: Paladin Consortium
Password: elitepc

One word of warning!!
Please ensure that you bring lots of SRVs as you will be dying quite a bit........ probably

Edited by M.A.R.S.H.A.L.L., Apr 14 2016, 09:34 AM.
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The Wills accomplish everything, The Wont's oppose everything and the Cant's don't try anything

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