Welcome to the Paladin Consortium

Pilot autonomy, unified as one

Who are we?

The Paladin Consortium is a diverse group harbouring a lot of mindsets. While some might be benevolent knights in white armour, others prefer earning their share with more shadowy endeavours.

We come from the early days of colonisation, and still carry that spirit within us. We were pioneers and neighbours to one another, helping each other to prosper and to overcome hardship in order to grow into a stronger society.

We live to this credo still today, looking at the galaxy as a whole. This also means that we do not suffer bullies, we do not tolerate raiders or exploiting warbands preying on those who yearn to live in peace. Not in our space, not anywhere else.

The Paladin Consortium has been around for a long time, featuring an established minor faction and two hands full of systems we call our own.

What are we?

We are an association of Commanders of all trades, united by the desire to lend a helping hand to those in need and protect those who cannot protect themselves for a price. We strive to ensure safe trading, mining and exploration for everyone.

We are traders, explorers, combat pilots, miners, smugglers, privateers and roleplayers. You name it. People however, who play for the single reason of disrupting gameplay for others have no place in our ranks. We despise griefing and ganking.

What do we do?

Our events can take the form of combat operations or forming convoys of guarded trading ships. We also maintain our systems by playing the background simulation and fly together whenever the opportunity arises.

We offer a mature community in the game and on Discord. Our members range from new players to seasoned veterans, hailing from all corners of the Earth and favouring many different playstyles.

We value our autonomy as Commanders while we stand together as a group, always ready to strengthen our territory and community.

How do I join?

We use Discord to coordinate operations, organise events and enjoy each others company in our “Roentgen Pub”. The first step is to join us on our Discord. Once you are there you’ll be able to apply for membership on our Inara page and in-game squadron.

Please note that a condition of membership is that you are a member of our Discord.

Paladin Consortium