What is your role in the council? Hello! I'm Colin, Chief of Staff for PalCon. My role is to keep things ticking over, handle recruitment, welcome new members and listen to the concerns, suggestions and feedback from our members. I am also a member of The Committee who organise our events and a BGS mentor at the BGS Academy.

- When did you join PalCon? I joined in 2014/15, originally on Xbox and moved over to PC in 2016.

- Describe your CMDR Colin has been an explorer since he first lef...

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What is your role in the council?

My Role in the Council is that of Community Manager, what this means is I represent all paladins great and small in the council, bringing forward your suggestions and concerns on every available topic, whether its political or just a spot of fun, as well as representing PalCon on the whole, out there on the social media sites. If theres something you'd like to see changed or have an idea for a group activity by all means drop me a mess...

Lights a SmoH!ke

What is your role in the council?

I ask question...to get answers. The Inquisitor is the first contact for new recruits. Other tasks are the coordination of the PalCon faction and being an advisor for the council.

- When did you join PalCon?

That must have been around March 3301...after I received a message from Big Pappa. We had a long talk...some SmoH!kes...more talks...I liked what he had to say so I joined the ranksof the Cosortium.


CMDR: M. Gr...


What is your role in the council? Big Pappa gave me the responsibility of the consortium. So my task is to make sure that our group thrives! This implies managing the council, coming with long and mid terms goals, setting the strategy of the group, managing our relations with other groups and mainly, being a pain for the Chief of staff. I love this group, and being at its head is one of the best experience I've had in my life.

When did you join PalCon? Sometime in 2016! At least, t...