Welcome to the Paladin Consortium

Pilot autonomy, unified as one

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What is your role in the council?

My Role in the Council is that of Community Manager, what this means is I represent all paladins great and small in the council, bringing forward your suggestions and concerns on every available topic, whether its political or just a spot of fun, as well as representing PalCon on the whole, out there on the social media sites. If theres something you'd like to see changed or have an idea for a group activity by all means drop me a message and we'll see what can be done

- When did you join PalCon?

I've been in and around PalCon since the 11th of October 2016, I only know that because Inara told me

- Describe your CMDR

Not much is known about the Commander known as Dan deLion except for his preference of Kamitran Cigars and Lavian Brandy, it is suspected he has connections to Certain organisations possibly as a Thug or Hitman as he has been known to participate in wars as a Mercenary both here in the Bubble and out in Colonia with no apparent transaction trails to suggest why he has gotten involved or who for

- Wanna tell us a bit about yourself IRL?

Real life theres not much to talk about, I'm a 29yr old IT Support Tech working the contract for one of the largest banking chains in the UK. For fun I'll give just about anything a go from horse riding and Go Karting to being flung into the air in a metal cage on a dare (Reverse Bungie). I enjoy participating in "Team Action Sports" which is just fancy Resume talk for "I Play Airsoft"