Welcome to the Paladin Consortium

Pilot autonomy, unified as one

Lights a SmoH!ke

What is your role in the council?

I ask question...to get answers. The Inquisitor is the first contact for new recruits. Other tasks are the coordination of the PalCon faction and being an advisor for the council.

- When did you join PalCon?

That must have been around March 3301...after I received a message from Big Pappa. We had a long talk...some SmoH!kes...more talks...I liked what he had to say so I joined the ranksof the Cosortium.


CMDR: M. Grey Age: 46 (1. April 3260) Height/Weight: 1.85m - 85kg Origin: CONFIDENTAL Allegiance: Independant

Ranks: at 23.03.33o7

  • Combat - Elite
  • Trade – Elite
  • Exploring - Elite

Biography: He has always dreamed of being a pilot. Already at young age of 10 he made first steps in his father's Cobra. He taught him the basics of flying, astronomy and how to use the ship’s computer. Unfortunately his dad died and suddenly the boy had a Cobra at the age of 12. This was when he made his first steps as a space pilot.

After a short time in a spaceship and a small career there is a gap of ~25 years in the record, which was military training and service for the Federation. But after an incident which worked as a revelation, Grey left the Federation as an Admiral. The detailed logs either were lost or are being kept secret. Any data found or linked is again classified as CONFIDENTIAL.

What is known for sure is the taste for Onionhead and a good glass of whisky!

Grey is married but has not got any children. “Sometimes it's good that you can change your 'home' system fast if you have to move alone in case of trouble. Mrs. Grey knows how to fly a ship, a Cobra Mk III namend "Plan B".” In 3301 he returned to the Cobra and head out back into the void. After getting used to the ship again and getting comfortable with space travel he wandered through the universe.

There sure has changed a lot since back then. And damn does it feel good to be back! Now he is an independent bounty hunter, freelancer, transporter and smuggler…but still it’s combat he is most focused on. He has earned a small fortune and has gathered a small fleet of ships, main ship is the Python called 'Nodachi'.

Also very recently the Paladin Consortium has contacted him and has asked him for his services. So he decided to give it a try and joined their ranks. It didn't take long and he was promoted to Operational Officer and the first contact for new Commanders joining the Consortium.