Welcome to the Paladin Consortium

Pilot autonomy, unified as one


What is your role in the council? Big Pappa gave me the responsibility of the consortium. So my task is to make sure that our group thrives! This implies managing the council, coming with long and mid terms goals, setting the strategy of the group, managing our relations with other groups and mainly, being a pain for the Chief of staff. I love this group, and being at its head is one of the best experience I've had in my life.

When did you join PalCon? Sometime in 2016! At least, that's what Inara log says.

A little description of your cmdr. This will come!

Wanna tell us a bit about yourself IRL? I'm a neuroscientist trying to understand how our brains allow us to know where we are, and when. Basically researching the inner GPS of animals. Other than that, I'm a violinist spending his time skiing.