Welcome to the Paladin Consortium

Pilot autonomy, unified as one

Role in the council

I have served as BGS specialist, diplomat, deputy squadron commander, and a few months as squadron commander - but now I leave all the intense work to the younger people and serve as advisor to the council and concentrate on enjoying the game with all of the great people of Paladin Consortium.

Joining Paladin Consortium

I am a founding member of Paladin Consortium, or at least I joined about a week after the group was started in October 2015, where we got together to try and find out what to do with this group.

Commander description

Cmdr NordicLion started his life as a peaceful Alliance citizen, earning his pilots wings flying supplies and crops from planet Leesti to help his father. His life was turned upside down when he at his father's deathbead learned that he was actually a slave of Jotun descent, and after his father's death he was on the run from his step brothers trying to enslave him once again.

After a few years living as a vigilante, attacking slave traders around the bubble, cmdr NordicLion joined a group of independent covert agents working out of the Segovit system to bring down criminal organisations and human traffickers in Empire, Federation and independent space alike. Settling on planet Wrewpiter in the LFT 37 system and starting a new family, cmdr NordicLion built a solid front as a small business owner trading high tech goods from nearby Andhrimi and Tavgi while occasionally taking part in expeditions to explore the galaxy.

Life was good for a good number of years, but then the Isisi pirates grew stronger and started raiding the nearby systems, disrupting trade routes and plundering settlements. LFT 37 being a Federation controlled system, cmdr NordicLion got together with guild members in the region and they petitioned for the federal navy to send patrols and law enforcement to stop the raiders, but no help arrived. The Segovit covert organisation saw no alternative other than stepping into the light and organise themselves with likeminded groups from nearby systems, Nemet, Andhrimi, Qarato, Nabatean, Kappa Phoenicis, Isis and Tavgi. Together they formed Paladin Consortium, which rose to a political union, wrestling the quadrant's population from the grasp of the neglectful Federation, to create the peaceful and prosperous bubble we today call PalCon space.

Real life

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, with my wife and two boys, aged 12 and 4. I work as an IT business specialist, trying to get the developers to understand what the users need, and the users to understand what they can actually get. I enjoy trying to understand people, culture and history, I speak 6-8 languages (depending on whether to count the mutually intelligible Scandinavian languages as 1 or 3), and I am a strong believer in having an open mind and question everything, especially your own beliefs.