Founding The Consortium

2230 – In cooperation with the thriving Nabatean Trading and Mining Cooperation, the system of Nemet is under the settlers’ control. Establishing heavy industry they join the galactic economy on the extraction market and also start building a defense fleet.

2242 – With more and more colonies established among the stars, piracy spreads. The Nemet colonists ally with surrounding systems to bolster their defense forces. This first union of colonists marks the first step in the creation of what is later known as Paladin Consortium.

2255 – More systems ally with the settlers and form a very early consortium consisting of 5 colonies from the surrounding systems.

2310 – Terraforming of LFT 37 1 starts as a unified effort of the six colonies.

2315 – Roentgen Hub, the first fully functional Coriolis station in Paladin-space finishes construction in the orbit of LFT 37 1.

2328 – Terraforming of LFT 37 1 concludes.

2330 – On-planet communities are established on LFT 37.

2335 – Official founding of the Paladin Consortium. The following celebrations also include the first on-planet races and mark the beginning of a tradition.

2336 – First child is born on terraformed LFT 37.

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