The Early Years

2180 – A fleet of settlers leaves Earth for the Nabatean star system.

2182 – A second fleet of settlers leaves Earth, targeting the LFT 37 star system.

2192 – News about other settlers already colonizing LFT 37 reach the fleet, almost triggering a crisis. The fleet recalculates the route for Nemet, unsure what will be waiting for them.

2194 – After 12 years 8 out of 13 original colony ships arrive at Nemet. One ship was destroyed due to technical issues while initiating a jump and the other two lost to Witch Space. Two more ships lag behind and arrive about a year later.

The Nabatean settlers arrive in a barren and nearly uninhabitable system, much different from what the readings promised. Nonetheless the fleet establishes a colony on one of the planets and manage to find water-based ice for extracting water and Oxygen.

2195 – The colonists start setting up camp on Nemet 5a which was closest to their drop point. The “Hirase’s Pride”, flagship of the fleet, is brought into orbit at Nemet 1, a high metal content Planet. Work for its transformation into an orbital station begins.

2196 – The Nabateans start transforming their Colony ship into an orbital station and start prospecting.

2197 – The First Paladin landing site on Nemet 5a is now a fully functional planetary outpost named “Gwynn Keep”.

2195 – Contact is made between the Nemet colonists and the Nabatean settlers, setting up trading arrangements.

2197 – First record of the name “Big Pappa” as a figure of leadership and direction for the settlers.

2199 – Construction of the orbital station finishes and the former flagship is renamed “Hirase Horizon”, a basic rotating orbital outpost.

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