The Past Millennium

2340 – Trade flourishes and more stations are built, attracting investors and other factions who establish themselves in LFT 37 and the surrounding systems.

2420 – Headquarters on LFT 37 are established for a more centralized and stable Consortium. A governing council is put in place, its head is called “Big Pappa” after the ancient founder.

2425 – The participating parties become Houses, their names derived from their home systems.

  • The early settlers of Nemet, who initiated the alliance in the first place, become the House of Nemet, now the strongest military force of the Consortium.
  • The Nabatean settlers become the House of Nabat, administrating the Nabatean Mining and Transportation Company (NMTC). Today it is known as a pillar of trade, transport and logistics for the Consortium.
  • Known for their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, excellent bounty hunters and busy planetary rings, the Andhrimian enterprises become the House of Andhrimi.
  • Tavgan’s settlers establish as a House of order and legislative administration, named the House of Tavgan.
  • The House of Qarato, so far the most independent, but loyal House, comes with a very diverse trading network.

2510 – Segovit unifies as the House of Segovite in a rare unified effort in order to have a seat in the council and keep their independence. Segovit mostly consists of autonomous settlements built by loners, hermits and eccentric scientists.

2512 – Following the example of the Segovit settlers, the enthusiastic, but otherwise loosely bound settlers of Kappa Phoenicis, unify as House Phoenicia. They take a seat in the council and are recognized as autonomous part of the consortium.

2620 – The battle of Dalia. The Paladins need to retreat and lose Dalia to a group that will later be known as Dalia Corporation. Dalia is being recovered in 3302.

2742 – House Tavgan accuses House Qarato of trespassing and illegal trafficking of outlawed products within the Tavgan system. As the conflict is about to escalate, the council steps in and manages to prevent a civil war within the consortium.

2921 – A group of Paladins, not entirely in line with the general code of the Consortium, splits from it and becomes the House of Isisi. Still part of the Consortium, but also controversial, they occupy the Isis system.

3055 – The first Thargoid conflict begins, and Paladin Consortium briefly aids Galcop Navy forces in repelling the invading aliens. PalCon forces are later drawn back to defend their home systems from possible Thargoid threats and to secure order in these dark times.

3063 – A science division dedicated to researching Thargoid behavior and evaluate tactical data is founded in response to the little understanding we have of the attacking aliens. In spite of open hostilities, also in Paladin space, the consortium is looking for means to end the conflict peacefully.

3232 – The Empire takes interest in LFT 37 and the surrounding systems and establishes rule.

3294 – The tragedy of Clinton’s Hope takes place. House Qarato initiates a scientific project involving personnel from all three superpowers. An accident leads to casualties of over 200 lives. All involved parties revoke their participation in the aftermath and the project is being cancelled.

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