Paladin Consortium Timeline

Latest History

Sept 3301 – The Consortium helps The Hutton Orbital Truckers defend convoys of transport ships when they set up the manufacturing factories for the now famous Hutton Orbital Mug.

Oct 3301 – The pilot federation officially recognize Paladin Consortium as a faction.

3302 – The Paladin Consortium starts construction of an asteroid base in the Ring of Andhrimi 5.

Jan 3303 – The construction of the Asteroid base finishes and is named “Big Pappa’s Base”.

Feb 3303 – The Nabatean Mining & Transportation Company reports record sales in heavy mining equipment.

Sep 3303 – Paladin Consortium sends a scouting convoy to the Pleiades to better understand the objectives of the Thargoids.

Nov 3303 – The pirate faction, ISIS Posse gains influence in the Isis system. They perform a long list of random attacks against Paladin systems.

Dec 3303 – Paladin Consortium picks up a distress signal from Radio Sidewinder Crew and fly to support their faction against terrorists.

The rescue of the Valarirca and the Narros in the Pleiades. These two ships using prototypes of power plants and thrusters, and disappeared while orbiting around a high G planet. Paladin Consortium endeavors to find the ships and rescue the crews by an organized search.

3304 – Paladin Consortium joins Operation IDA, aiding the repair of stations in the Pleiades.

Feb 3304 – Hostilities escalate into a war with Yuri Grom’s EG Union combat wings.

Jun 3304 – CMDR Gravious becomes CEO of the consortium, Inciting significant changes in the organization’s structure

Sep 3304 – Operation “RED CROSS” takes place. A convoy of freighters leaves for the Pleiades to aid the victims of the disastrous Thargoid attacks on several stations.

Sep 3304 – A convoy is send to the Pleiades in order to help repairing stations damaged by Thargoid attacks. Paladin Consortium successfully repels a pirate attack.

Paladin Consortium support Lave radio network in their war against AEDC in the Lave system.

Oct 3304 – As part of the ongoing war with EGU the consortium sides with federal forces in order to push harder against Grom’s invading forces.

Nov 3304 – Paladin Consortium participates in “Truckers up Teide”, joining in with the Hutton Orbital Truckers once again.

Jan 3305 – The “Distant Worlds 2” expedition starts, and a handful of participating Paladins leave for Beagle Point.

Keeping up the morale even in times of war, the consortium hosts the “Quarato Canyon Championship”, a racing event also featuring many external participants.

Feb 3305 – The war against Yuri Grom and EGU ends by diplomatic means in a truce.

Paladin Consortium sends a humanitarian convoy in support of the SPEAR network after Adle’s Armada announced emergency state for Erravate.

Apr 3305 – The citizens of Apam Napat seek help against the dictatorship that took hold of their system. Paladin Consortium dispatches their fleet to liberate the system.

Jun 3305 – The “Paladin Racing Tour” launches.

Oct 3306 – The Unification Act.

Dec 3306 - The misterious decline of Andhrimi.

Mar 3307 – Operation orange peel, with Hutton Orbital Trucker, and the rescue of Lave Station.

Mar 3307 – The pioneer support inititive is launched to finance a fleet carrier in Pennsylvania.

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