The Unification of Act October 3306

During the long history of the Consortium, houses have always been independent societies. Over the last few galactic years the Senate has worked toward a new unification system. The goal: standardising the political structures of the Consortiums' houses. In October 3306 the Senate and the Council launched the Unification Act with the purpose of restructuring the institutions and the administrations. While the houses maintain their independence their internal organisation will be now standardised. Such change should reinforce our Consortium while simplifying the overall structure.

Paladin Consortium has decided to initiate three highly specialised corps in parallel, to shine in the galaxy by providing the best experts in demanded fields. The Paladin Consortium is willing to answer to the fast changes happening in the Galaxy, and play a big part in the coming Odyssey.

These three corporations are institutions of the Consortium. Such reorganisation is necessary for important reasons: clarification of the administration, allocation of fundings and a better influence outside the Paladin spheres. These corporations are called to work together for a better future. Therefore, Paladin pilots can be members of several corp. Each apprentice will be affiliated to an institution at their arrival in the Consortium. These institutions are not linked to any houses, and will be answering to the Senate and the Council.


The board of trading will be mainly administered by The Nabatean Mining and Trading Company. NMTC has always been the economic heart of the Paladin Consortium. Founded and developed by CMDR Gravi0us, former Chief of Operations of NMTC and CEO of the Paladin Consortium, NMTC expanded its influence far beyond our frontiers. Following the act of October 3306, NMTC was tasked by the senate to secure the mining interests within the Paladin Bubble, and to develop and secure new trading routes. With the addition of less legal ways to transport certain goods across Paladin space courtesy of the House of Qarat, and the questionably legal ways used by the House of Isis to obtain commodities, NMTC is certain to have some good quarterly data in the future.


The Andhrimi and Phoenicia Academy of Science is an institution which represents theoretical and applied sciences as well as galactic exploration and colonisation. The Academy is administered by the houses of Andhrimi and Phoenicia. They are the voices of our colonies and science. Their responsibilities include the most noble ones such as education, history and exploration.

NOVA Corps.

Providing escort and mercenary services for the Paladins and their friends. Their main duties are securing the traffic in the Paladin Bubble as well as supporting and escorting explorers and traders. NOVA will offer mercenary services. These services will have to respect the rules of engagement and the charter of conduct issued by the Pilot’s Federation and the Paladin Consortium. The pilot school of Nemet will be in charge of their formation and management, together with the house of Tavgi and Segovit. NOVA will also lead the fight against the Thargoids, planning operations in systems affected by their incursion.

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