Sunday, April 18, 2021 news

Palcon Weekly Update - 12/04/33o7

Welcome to another (kind of) weekly update. Easter and the Odyssey Alpha have waylaid my efforts to provide you with a weekly one. Congratulations to Tronica for once again topping the mission points over the last two weeks. I'm convinced that Tronica is actually a robot. Massive thank you to everyone who made it on to the board.

Today we launched a way for Fleet Carrier Owners to advertise for commodities they're buying or selling. Those with the Fleet Carrier Owner role can post information in #nmtc-board using the following template;

  • Fleet Carrier:
  • Location:
  • Requesting:
  • Price:
  • Purpose:
  • Contact:

Once the buy/sell order is complete, delete your message to keep things tidy. This will make it easier for miners to know where to drop their goods if they're looking to help out their fellow CMDRs. It also give FC Owners an easy way to request certain goods. If you own a Fleet Carrier and don't already have the role, there will...

Sunday, April 18, 2021 news

Congratulations to theadman2315 for saving the most souls from Lave Station during Orange Peel Stage One - 56,564 in total and title of "The Machine" as well as a HOT decal

This week we expanded to LFT 141. A system which doesn't have any player minor factions so ripe for us to take control. Currently there's a war there so if you haven't already, get in your combat ship and start shooting people in the combat zones. The BGS academy has a special operation going on at the moment which you can join if you head to #role-select and sign up to the academy.

A massive thank you to all CMDRs who contributed this week but a special mention to Tronica for contributing 402 MPs. If you aren't already running jegin, head to #bgs-operations and check the pinned messages on how to sign up. Using EDMC it will track everything you do without the need for you to report your activities.

We've added another option in #role-select which enables you to choose your timezone. You can then ping eith...