Weekly update 12/04/33o7

Palcon Weekly Update - 12/04/33o7

Welcome to another (kind of) weekly update. Easter and the Odyssey Alpha have waylaid my efforts to provide you with a weekly one. Congratulations to Tronica for once again topping the mission points over the last two weeks. I'm convinced that Tronica is actually a robot. Massive thank you to everyone who made it on to the board.

Today we launched a way for Fleet Carrier Owners to advertise for commodities they're buying or selling. Those with the Fleet Carrier Owner role can post information in #nmtc-board using the following template;

  • Fleet Carrier:
  • Location:
  • Requesting:
  • Price:
  • Purpose:
  • Contact:

Once the buy/sell order is complete, delete your message to keep things tidy. This will make it easier for miners to know where to drop their goods if they're looking to help out their fellow CMDRs. It also give FC Owners an easy way to request certain goods. If you own a Fleet Carrier and don't already have the role, there will be a role menu set up in #role-select very shortly. Be sure to keep an eye on #faction-orders if you're looking for something to do. Those who want to learn the dark arts of BGS can also sign up for the academy, simply assign yourself the role in #role-select.

Pioneers Fleet Carrier

A few weeks ago NMTC and ANPH set up an expedition to help fund a permanent PalCon fleet carrier in Pennsylvania. Massive thanks to everyone who took part and for Forkeye for helping us get across the line. This will serve as a constant presence for PalCon and somewhere for those using our sleeper service or anyone who finds their way over that way to call home for however long they stay. The next Sleeper Service will be on the 23rd April with The Ferret leaving Andhrimi at 20:00 UTC. Look out for an event sign up in #palcon-sleeper-service to sign up.

Two weeks in to the Odyssey Alpha and I am really starting to see how the full release will change things for PalCon. Being able to group up with CMDRs on foot, in combat zones and in stations is a very exciting prospect.

Palcon 6th Birthday

On the 13th July Palcon will be six years old. We're looking at planning some events to celebrate with probably more than a few in Odyssey and would love your input. As always you can post ideas in #roentgen-pub and we'll look at choosing two or three to carry out over the weeks leading up to and preceeding the aniversary.

Over the past couple of weeks we welcomed new recruits Nightingale33, Qalten, Stranded Deity, Fminexv and a big welcome back to Proch as a returning Paladin. As always if you're a Paladin and see an Apprentice has been active in game, let me know and I'll put them up for promotion. It would be really good to get as many Paladins as we can.

Until next week, fly safe CMDRs!

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